COVID 19 pandemic has covered almost more than half of the total population of the world. Good food hygiene in this situation is what the doctors are recommending always for an important healthy habit. Cleaning all the fruits and vegetables would help to reduce the surface germs that would prevent people from falling sick. 

COVID 19 has become so immensely communicable that the virus is spreading through hand contact, in markets through selling and buying things, in vehicles. Health professionals are recommending the following long and safe cleaning practices of food products at home.

Wash your hands before thoroughly

To prevent the spread of COVID -19 washing hands often is emphasized enough to stay safe and healthy. Washing hands before washing the fruits are as necessary as always. You must ensure every time that your hands are clean. You should always wash your hands properly 30 sec prior to washing the fruits and vegetables.

Rinse them well in running water

The fruits and vegetables have to be rinsed in water, by rubbing with the hands. If there is a need to clean the majority of vegetables that you will prepare you to have to rinse them thoroughly before cutting or peeling the vegetables. Many times the dirt and bacteria are transferred from the knife to the fruits and vegetables and vice versa. The FDA recommends that there will be reduced chances of diseases spread if you rinse the vegetables thoroughly.

Never use any soap and detergent

The soap and detergent used for cleaning the fruits and vegetables is completely a myth that they might be washed well. The running water is gently rubbed on the vegetables and fruits. There is no need to use soap and detergent. If there is any damaged part of the fruits and vegetables then it is better to cut away the damaged parts before preparing and eating.

Brush or sponge can be used for cleaning

It is better to clean the root modified fruits and vegetables with a sponge or brush and ensure that all dirt, germs, and the mud are removed from the fruits and vegetables. FDA recommends using a clean and firm brush to mainly scrub all the melons, carrots, and cucumbers. Actually brush or sponges have very small bristles that have the capability to remove even the finest and minutest dirt from the fruits and vegetables.

Delicate procedure for handling them

Some of the fruits like the berries need delicate handling and extra care while cleaning them. All the pathogens are washed and are rinsed off in cold water to remove dirt. So green leafy vegetables, the coriander leaves, are placed in cold water several times for the cleaning purpose. The leaves of the cabbage and lettuce are suggested to remove before cooking and they should be dried under sunbeam for 15 minutes or by a towel for best results.

Food safety or hygienic safety is the most utmost importance in the pandemic situation. The government’s body is trying its best efforts so that the essential commodities are tested before they are transported to the markets or consumed.