In the current scenario, the term “skin fasting” has become the hottest topic over the web. Well, you all have probably heard about it but might not have a clear comprehension regarding this latest skincare trend. Most of us follow a simple skincare routine that includes cleansing, toning, and moisturizing, popularly known as CTM. But, while following “skin fasting”, you cannot use any skincare products. The sole purpose of this newest trend in the beauty world is to heal the skin naturally. This new beauty trend was first introduced by the renowned Japanese beauty brand called Mirai Clinical. However, before you opt for this beauty trend, I would like to share my experience with skin fasting. So, if you are interested in knowing it, make sure to read till the end. 

What led me to proceed with skin fasting? 

Like all of you are researching skin fasting, I did the same before getting involved with this beauty trend. The theory behind this beauty care treatment quite fascinated me. And I really wanted to give it a try. I usually follow CTM regularly and put on some green tea face packs weekly. Being a person with sensitive skin, I know the pain of other women with the same. Our skin generates an oily substance known as sebum, which keeps the moisturizer locked within it. By eliminating the usage of beauty products, you will let your skin breathe. Subsequently, it will let the naturally produced sebum organically moisturize your skin. 

My experience with it 

As you have already read, my skincare routine is simpler and easier to maintain. However, as I chose to follow skin fasting for the next 5 days, I was not allowed to put anything on my face rather than water and sunscreen. Even if you try out the trendy skin fasting, make sure not to skip the part of applying sunscreen. It is because sun damage can leave your skin nowhere and create dry patches as well as pimples and uneven skin tone. So, here I’m putting my one week experience of skin fasting, check it out! 

Day 1: No such noticeable changes 

On the night before starting this 5-day challenge, I chose to apply a moisturizing sheet mask. In the morning (day 1 of my skin fasting) I woke up with fresh skin, probably the sheet mask has saved me for the rest of the day! While brushing I cleaned my face with some fresh and cool water. Afterward, I left it bare and stayed the rest of the time indoors. I felt no such changes on the first day and was really looking forward to seeing how my skin looks by the end of the skin fasting challenge. 

Day 2: Felt a little bit of dryness on skin 

On day 2, I was feeling that my skin was not happy. In fact, I felt a little bit of dryness on both my face and lips. However, I kept on splashing fresh water on my skin every now and then. As I was not putting anything on my face externally to hydrate it, I drank loads of water to hydrate myself internally. The glow on my skin was not disturbed, but from day 3 to 5, I experienced the real horror. 

Day 3 and 4: Dry and itchy skin 

My skin fasting was literally being harsh on my face. I got some dry patches on my face and experienced a bit of itchiness as well. By the end of day 4, I spotted a small zit on my cheek and was sure that the last day of my 5-day skin fasting would not end in the way I wanted it to!

Day 5: Pimple took a large shape 

On day 5, I was surprised to notice that the small zit took a large size and created a red spot. I found it to be obvious as I did nothing to clear the dead skin and excess oil from my face. 

Is there any positive side of skin fasting?

Of course, there are several positive aspects of skin fasting. First of all, you will get to know whether you were putting any wrong product on your skin. Secondly, you would give your face a rest from over-exfoliating. Most importantly, our skin cells tend to turnover while following this trend. 

Well, the same treatment might work well for you. It is important to let your skin breathe sometimes. Just do not forget to use sunscreen and drink plenty of water while undertaking skin fasting.