The effects of the COVID 19 pandemic are so adverse that scientists and doctors still could not find a way to eradicate it completely from the mass population. The pandemic is impossible to keep under control. So World Health Organization and Doctors everywhere are recommending everyone to be isolated, maintain social distancing wherever you go, and use a mask and the alcohol-based hand sanitizers for safety.

Alcohol-based sanitizers are safe because it can make the hands germ-free but on the other hand, it can cause dryness of the hand, itching, or even alcohol toxicity. But using sanitizers often have some side effects on health. Here are some of the side effects of hand sanitizer’s are:

Alcohol poisoning

Alcohol-based sanitizers if kept in reach of the children can be dangerous. The hand sanitizers contain a greater percentage of isopropyl or ethyl alcohol. These can be used by children only after getting permission from adults. Alcohol poising is caused by ingesting toxic alcohol. There are many such proven cases of alcohol toxicity among children in the U.S.

Children are more attracted to scented, brightly colored, and attractively packaged hand sanitizer bottles. Teenagers and adults get to be intoxicated purposely sometimes. In order to avoid these terrible accidents, prefer buying hand sanitizers which generally have child-resistant caps and are cost-effective. Keep the sanitizers out of the reach of children.

Skin infection and dry skin

Exposure of your hand frequently to these alcohol-based hand sanitizers can wash away the skin’s natural oil. Skin becomes dry and gets peeled off after cracking. Dehydrated skin causes more irritation and you feel uncomfortable due to itching, slight to serious flaking, and scaling issues. You may generate fine lines or cracks. The skin color is degenerated becoming pale. Deep cracks ( Why? ) may develop that often can cause redness and bleed.

The cuticle and epithelial tissues get damaged day by day. The dry and rough cracks is more susceptible to infection and germs. Sometimes sensitive skin can lead to diseases like eczema and inflammation. The alcohol-based sanitizers often cause complications on the normal skin changing the Ph. balance of the skin and erasing the natural moisture. The hand sanitizers are not provided with nourishing agents. The disinfectants will only get rid of germs and bacteria.

Risk of fire

During the COVID -19 pandemic, there is a huge demand of alcohol-based sanitizers everywhere. As these sanitizers contain a high amount of alcohol, these are prone to fire hazards. It is classified as the Class 1 Flammable liquid substance.

So these high-risk hand sanitizers are recommended to keep in safe areas and at a relatively cool temperature. If the hand sanitizers are spilled then wash it off thoroughly with water immediately. Always put the sanitizer bottles away from heat or ignition sources like the sparks, open fire flames, and electrical circuits. You have to follow all the fire safety measures.

The alcohol-based sanitizers are very important now and make sure you take the alcohol-based hand sanitizers everywhere. But don’t forget to store it in a safe place and consult a dermatologist if you feel uncomfortable by applying it on the skin.