Some ingredients are known for their benefits, for health purposes and weight loss. In the case of the latter, one of the most well-known food items is oatmeal, and it has a lot of benefits. They are rich in fiber, complex carbohydrates, and many nutrients, that give you the nutrition you need. 

The benefits that oats provide are as follows. 

  • There is a type of nutrient named beta-glucan present inside of oats. This focuses on monitoring the insulin and blood sugar levels, and that slows down the digestion. 
  • The soluble fiber mixes with the water and expands in your stomach. That makes you feel fuller. 
  • Oats reduce blood cholesterol levels and thus safeguards you from many cardiovascular diseases. 

Oats come in various levels of processing that result in oatmeal which is usually cooked with boiling water. However, there are other alternatives that you can try, that would make the tasting experience comparatively better.

Oats Uttapams and Pancakes

If you are a fan of Indian foods like uttapams and dosas for your breakfast, you can add oats to it. This is would the food tasty and also healthy, while the options among the flatbreads keep things diverse. 

Oats Smoothie 

One of the easiest and go-to recipes when it comes to having oatmeal a different way is a smoothie. Fresh and easy to drink, many people add a calculated amount of oatmeal to the blender. Then, they add fruit, yogurt, and milk and let them mix and the drink to froth up. 

Without a doubt, it is easy in a variety of ways, while also giving you the nutrition you need. 

Homemade Oats Pizza 

Are you a fan of Italian delicacies like pizza, but have to forego it for your health? To oppose this situation, you can simply make the crust of your pizza at home, with oats. This makes the meal full of fiber, while also giving you an ample amount of energy and nutrients. 

You can also customize your pizza with more healthy vegetables and some cheese, and enjoy the treat. 

Oat Bread 

In terms of food items that you can make with oatmeal, bread is a fun alternative. Of course, it is not as easy to do as simply boiling water. But for baking enthusiasts, this is a wonderful plan. All you need is oatmeal that you have to add to the bread batter. 

Consequently, you can bake it as you normally do bread, only more nutritious and with fewer calories. For a little bit of change, you can add some honey to the recipe too. Either way, the taste is excellent. 

Orchard Bircher Muesli 

One of the tastiest ways to eat oatmeals that would help with your weight loss regime is this one. With a splash of honey and dried prunes and apricots for texture, this oatmeal recipe is a warm treat to have in the morning. It contains a lot of essential nutrients too, like protein and fiber, not to mention calories. Altogether, they would keep your energy up all day, ensuring you feel fuller for a longer period.

Overall, you can try to make your oatmeal in a variety of ways, and still get to enjoy its benefits. But, in a more palatable and delicious way.