Women, at one point in their life or another gain weight. Most of the time, the reason behind it is the issue PCOD. Polycystic Ovary Disease refers to the hormonal disorder that triggers one out of 10 women. The victims of PCOD might face several inconveniences before their weight loss regime. But, remember ladies, nothing is impossible. Losing weight and acquiring gorgeous physic is possible even when you have PCOD and the popular Youtuber and influencer Anwesha Mukherjee is a prime example of that! The lady is an inspiration for all the women out there who are struggling hard in their weight loss journey.  

Who is Anwesha Mukherjee?  

Anwesha Mukherjee is a popular Indian YouTuber who runs a channel called SimpleTips Anwesha. Initially, she used to create content on fashion, lifestyle, and beauty. However, since August 2017, the lady started her weight loss journey and kept on updating each and every phase on her YouTube Channel. She has been nominated as the Top 10 Fitness Influencers of India, 2018 by YouTube India. If you want to experience her dreamy weight loss journey in a virtual manner, make sure to keep on reading!  

Weight loss journey of Anwesha Mukherjee 

Anwesha in her YouTube video stated that she has managed to lose around 10 to 11 Kilograms. She mentioned that while she started her PCOD journey, she was around 61 KG. Indeed, she is the real motivation for all the women! Anwesha was so dedicated towards her weight loss journey that it did not take her long to achieve her body goals. Anwesha focused both on her diet and body exercises. Let’s check out what she did to achieve such attractive physic. 

She took her androgens & inflammation seriously 

If you follow her YouTube videos, you will get to know that she deliberately studied how weight gain occurs due to PCOD. In the case of this disorder, inflammation chiefly triggers the ovaries that overproduce the androgens and encourages the inflammation is a brutal loop. As Anwesha keeps on telling her YouTube fam that she was fat but not obese, thus she did not go through the complications. Keeping it in view, she planned her diet chart and exercising routines. 

She was strict in her diet 

The key to her successful PCOD journey is her strict diet plan. As she says diet does not mean fasting and that’s what the social influencer follows herself. Besides focusing on the quantity of the food item, she also prioritized the time of meal consumption. Both these aspects have helped her in her bodyweight transformation. Since 2017 August, she followed a strict diet plan, which she revealed to continue in future as well. Anwesha intakes apple cider vinegar to control the cholesterol levels in her blood. Sometimes, she substitutes it with organic cranberry juice. She says drinking green tea and lemon water in empty stomach is her favourite detox formula. In addition, she drinks a lot of water throughout the day. Along with all these, the YouTuber said that she literarily broke up with each and evert sugar-related food item!


While telling her inspirational weight loss journey, the YouTuber has said that she takes a heavy breakfast that includes poha, upma, bread and eggs, oats, waffles, pancakes, fresh juices, etc. However, she reduced her meal quantity into half. 


At lunch, Anwesha eats rice with pulses, seasonal vegetables, sweet potatoes, lean meat, fat-free fishes, paneer, etc. The social influencer has further stated to use a very minimal quantity of oil while preparing her meals. She also mentioned eating 4 to five spoons of rice in her lunch. 


At dinner, she tries to eat in a very less quantity. However, she eats a few healthy snacks in the evening which reduces her appetite. At night, Anwesha prefers eating half of the meal quantity that she has during lunch. And by maintaining this healthy diet plan, the influencer now enjoys the weight of 51 Kg! 

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She engaged herself in bodyweight exercises 

Along with prioritizing her meal, she involved in several bodyweight exercises to get those nice crunches and abs. The YouTuber has shared her exercising plans right from the beginning. If you are interested to watch them out, you can check out her YouTube channel.  She started from freehand exercises and yoga to make her body flexible. Later, she did sit-ups, squats, pushups, lunges, jumping jacks, planks, and mountain climber in a routine schedule to make her weight loss journey more effective. 

According to Anwesha losing weight is not only about eating healthy food or exercising daily. Besides dedication and devotion too plays a huge role in it.  So, before you begin following your brand new diet and workout schedule, take an oath to maintain and be mentally prepared for anything and everything.