Breathing in fresh air is one of our fundamental rights. However, if you reside in a cramped metropolis, then you probably do not get the chance of inhaling clean and pure air in any way. So, what should you do in this aspect? Well, buying an air purifier online can be a decent option. Nonetheless, they are way too expensive.

Hence, how would you solve this issue? Well, you can start by investing in the houseplants. With their colorful persona, they are not only going to jazz up your house but can eliminate the foul elements as well. Here are a few of the air purifying plants that you can use for your purpose. 

1. Snake Plant 

In essence, the snake plants are quite unique in their own accord. Unlike most other air-cleaning trees, they can produce oxygen during nighttime, purify the air from xylene, formaldehyde, and many more. However, to get the best out of them, you will have to keep at least three to four plants in your room. 

Care Recommendation: You should keep the plant in such a place from where it can get enough sunlight. Moreover, make sure to water them on a weekly basis.  

Where to Keep It: The bedroom

2. Areca Palm

Like snake plants, the areca palm trees, too, can help you to breathe pure air by removing toluene, xylene, and formaldehyde. However, due to its unusual appearance, it can also make your room look a lot more beautiful than usual. Hence, you should always keep it in a place where your guests usually sit.

Care Recommendation: The areca palm trees require a lot of water. So, make sure to keep them well-hydrated for a better outcome. 

Where to Keep It: Living room

3. Gerbera Daisy

Debatably one of the prettiest air-cleaning plants in the list, the gerbera daisy, is generally used by most individuals as a decorative facet. Nonetheless, like snake trees, they, too, can produce a substantial amount of oxygen during nighttime and eradicates various harmful chemicals. Hence, if you do suffer from sleep apnea or asthma, then gerbera daisy is a must-have for you.   

Care Recommendation: These plants generally require a lot of sunlight. Hence, keeping them near a window should do the trick for you. Also, do not forget to keep the soil of the plant as moist as possible. 

Where to Keep It: The bedroom or the dining room 

4. Spider Plant

If you are looking for something that exhibits a perfect amalgamation of efficiency and beauty, then the spider plants should be your go-to option. They can battle with the toxins to help you to breathe toxin-free air and, at the same time, make your rooms look more beautiful. Unlike a few other air-freshening plants, they are nontoxic to your furry friends as well. 

Care Recommendation: The spider plants generally do grow quite quickly. So, make sure to repot them when needed. 

Where to Keep It: The living room

Hence, these are a few plants that you can keep in your house to lower the effects of home-based air pollution on your family.

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