I am here to change your lifestyle through my healthy Tips!

Welcome to my HT4HL blog!!

My name is Indu Bala, a 30-year-old North Indian Full-time Blogger, Mentor and Founder of ht4hl.in. I want to encourage people about their physical & mental health through my healthy writing. I am not a professional health expert so I am only sharing the real examples and experiments of my own life. Because I feel there is nothing like which we can’t do for our health, we just need those positive vibes & our self-motivation.

In India, especially married women, tend to ignore their health and always prioritize their family or relatives over others.

I believe self prioritizing or focusing on oneself is not being selfish. It is SELF-LOVE.

Here at Healthytips4healthylife, I write about those amazing healthy tips which we used on our daily basis routine or some medical advices by the professionals. It’s my goal to inspire people to reach their full potential while living Happy & Healthy lives!

If you’re interested to getting started, then just follow my latest updates. It just takes motivation, determination and consistency to succeed. You’ll definitely feel happier, stronger & much confident about yourself. All you have to do is take the first step towards a new life.

Seee Yaaaa….Have a healthy life guys!!