Do you love to experiment with new foods and tastes? Lately, people have started paying more attention to what, where, and how they eat. This term “foodie” has become a common nickname for someone who loves to pamper their plate with extraordinary tastes and keep an eye on all of the current nutrition trends.

There is a number of blogs, Instagram feeds, or YouTube videos focused on nutrition, fitness, and food solely. People sharing their recipes, talk about their diets, and eating habits. If you are obsessed with trying out some new food recipes and diets, you might be interested in what are the best nutritional plans for the 2020 year.

It is completely natural that every person has its favorite taste and flavor. Like in 2018, everyone loves matcha lattes, and 2019 was undoubtedly the year of açai bowls. What about 2020? What are the newest and hottest nutrition trends for the year 2020?

According to some researchers, 2020 will bring a wave of meat-lovers converted into vegans. Going vegan is becoming more common for many reasons. People are more aware of the poor conditions the animals are kept in and want to oppose it. Additionally, they want to improve their overall health, which a proper diet strongly supports. Veganism is gaining popularity because of the broad range of restaurants offering vegan food.

For other personal reasons, it is estimated that people will choose vegan, plant-based diets, and organic foods, more often than ever. You might have already seen this trend on food-related blogs such as Nutrition You Can Use or 101 Cookbooks.

If you are interested in what healthy dishes will be served at the table in 2020, here are 6 top nutrition trends for the new decade.


Quinoa is a gluten-free seed that is commonly used as a substitute for white rice or grains. It is a rich source of wholesome protein, healthy fatty acids, and many vitamins and minerals.

People love quinoa for its natural taste that you can have with many other products. The most popular, easy-to-prepare quinoa dishes include:

  • Quinoa and kale salad
  • Garlic mushroom quinoa.
  • Spring rolls with shrimp and quinoa
  • Quinoa enchilada
  • Oatmeal with blueberries, and quinoa

Many restaurants specialize in quinoa bowls – bowls full of different vegetables, quinoa, salmon, or chicken. All the colors, freshness, and smells make them a delicious & nutritious lunch option and one of the most eye-pleasing healthy dishes you will experience in restaurants in 2020.

Quinoa bowls are also easy to make at home and can be taken to the office or school as healthy snacks.


Have you ever thought you can make a pizza at home using mashed cauliflower as a dough? If you have underestimated the potential of cauliflower before, you will not do it in 2020.

Cauliflower can be prepared in many ways, from a coating to chicken nuggets, to a low carb bacon butternut cauliflower bake.

Plant-based meats 

The plant-based meats trend started booming a couple of years ago, and since then, it has only become more popular these days. It sounds innovative, counterintuitive, and extraordinary. Out of curiosity, many people want to try it, and because it’s so tasty so lots of people decide to stick with it.

Most of the new plant-based meats are designed so that a meat-eater will not experience the visual distinction. The taste of those meat products will be different from animal meat. However, with some plant-based meats, the goal is to resemble regular chicken taste as much as possible.

Plant-based foods, including meats, are perfect for people concerned about the environment, who want to live more sustainably.

Oat Milk Latte

Almond milk and Soy milk have been known as cow milk substitutes for the longest time. For those who have nut allergies or are looking for a new yummy taste to their coffee, oat milk is a great thing to try in 2020.

Be prepared for something amazing from what you consider regular milk. Oat milk is much thicker in consistency and sweeter in taste than any other milk you have already tried. Nevertheless, it is worth a try!


Coconut milk and coconut water are a part of many people’s regular diet since 2019. Now you can only expect more coconut products such as coconut-based snacks, shakes, and yogurts in 2020.

Celery Juice

If you are a juice lover and imagining it would be impossible to come up with another juice flavor, you are wrong. Here comes celery juice – fit, fresh, and detoxifying.

All the high-fashion models claim that drinking celery juice helps them keep their skin clean, their shapes slim, and their bodies energized. ( Read How? )

If you prefer a thicker consistency, you can also prepare yourself a celery smoothie for a healthy breakfast or as a snack.


With all the eco-movements growing in popularity, and people having a raised awareness about current Earth’s condition, diets will be changing into more plant-based or organic ones. Natural ingredients and Unprocessed foods are what restaurants aim to serve, and people would love to eat.

Nutrition plans you will come across 2020 are likely to be more vegan-oriented than ever, with lots of exciting substitute options and delicious meals you might have never thought of before.